Mendips was in Bulgaria  again for the last weeks of December to shoot with BRW Filmland a new commercial for the Italian telephone company, Fastweb. The commercial has been directed by Sebastien Grousset with the direction of photography of Alessandro Pavoni.

The filming took place in the city of Sofia, mostly inside the Boyana Film Studios. We  were shooting during 3 days in different locations:

 -  The corridor of a jail

 - The interior of a jail

 -  The exterior of a city in NY

- A loft/ apartment

- A family house

 Sofia is a very good option for your shootings, since you can get casting, technical equipment and spectacular locations at a very competitive price. Sofia has the Boyana film studios, which are the largest studios in Europe where you can find entire streets of London, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and classical Rome, among others. Bulgaria is a country very rich in nature, so you can find spectacular landscapes and roads that make it ideal for any type of needs you have.

The cold weather didn't stop us of having fun and create a really interesting commercial that we are sure you are gonna love.


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